Tegan and Sara

They're cute, they're Canadian, they may or may not be sisters, and if you can get their track "Walking With a Ghost" out of your head, you are stronger than we are. After being discovered by Neil Young and releasing one record that sank like a rock, the ladies abandoned their folkie ways and discovered rock 'n' roll. Now part of the scene that gave us the Arcade Fire and Feist, Tegan and Sara play stripped-down, straight-ahead rock that might not be groundbreaking, but is certainly catchy and entertaining (hey, it's good enough for the White Stripes to cover). Live, they blaze through their set with plenty of twee onstage chatter. And in an era where most bands say nothing more than "Hello, Phoenix!" and "Thanks and good night," the fact that they make an effort to connect with their fans is reason enough to check them out.


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