Ten Movies Kanye West Should Have Starred In

Ten Movies Kanye West Should Have Starred In

Kanye West is currently scouting locations for a short film in the vein of "Runaway" that will be filmed somewhere in the Middle East in March. Government officials based out of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Doha are in the middle of a bidding war to get Yeezy's contract, The New York Observer reports.

Since Kanye is a bit of a character, here are 10 films that would have been drastically improved if Mr. West was a part of the cast.

Twilight Bella can't make up her mind between Edward and Jacob, so instead of being torn between two whiny guys with stalker tendencies, why not go for someone confident that knows how to give a girl some space? While the vampires and werewolves are fighting, Yeezy shows up and sweeps Bella off her feet with some fine Louis Vuitton handbags.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol A scene of the movie takes place in Dubai, and Kanye is rich enough to be hanging out at the Burj Khalifa doing who knows what . . . maybe smoking with Wiz Khalifa.

Black Swan My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy had a bunch of ballerina imagery, and for all we know, Kanye could have been tight with Mila Kunis in the movie. Natalie Portman's freak out would have fit right in to the music video for "Monster."

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Finding Nemo Marlin talked to all sorts of interesting folks, but how about a Kanye fish hellbent on trying to score with a mermaid?

The King's Speech Colin Firth's voice coach is none other than Kanye West, who helps improve his speech by teaching him the fine art of rapping.

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