Terror, and Comeback Kid

There are always some old-school characters at local hardcore punk shows (think Northside Kings) telling the youngsters how it was back in the day, how much better the pits were in the prime years of Agnostic Front and Sick of It All. However, this is one show where those types are bound to keep their mouths shut. Because Terror shows are violent -- in a good way. Circle pits are alive during the band's crushing stage performances, which maintain the necessary breakneck rhythm while destroying Terror's audience with sharp guitars and cutting vocals.

Comeback Kid keeps the drums pounding, too, but with more melody. Axing the "breakdown in every song" routine for a stripped-down, straightforward sound, the Canadian posi hardcore band sings less about circle pits than the men in Terror, but finds one theme in common with them: a push for unity within the scene. In between songs, both bands banter about how important it is for fans to have respect for one another. And Comeback Kid offers encouragement in its lyrics as well ("Don't lose hope . . . I believe it's in you. Rise!"). Although push is guaranteed to come to shove at this show, don't worry -- in the hardcore scene, that just means "welcome."


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