The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule is the same. Axioms aside, it's hard not to spread the word about this Saturday's fifth annual Fight Club-themed Sadisco*, the only dance party in town where ear-splitting industrial music and bare-knuckle fistfights collide. The show is headlined by New York City's TERRORFAKT, one of the most punishing, über-macho powernoise acts in the world. TERRORFAKT's solitary member, Ben Dewalt, is the beefy, inked-up antithesis of the lanky laptop jockeys that typify the industrial genre's artists. Armed with an arsenal of the hardest dance tracks known to man (including a cover of "Raining Blood" that puts Slayer's original to shame), TERRORFAKT is sure to kick more ass than any Tyler Durden wanna-be who shows up looking to scrap. As far as the fights are concerned, anyone who signs liability waivers can go toe-to-toe with a friend or stranger in front of a mob of drunken onlookers. A word of caution for potential combatants: Though some fighters will just be looking to have a little fun, others may feel like destroying something beautiful.


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