The 10 Best Brazilian Metal Bands

Brazil is the biggest country in South America. And aside from bikini waxes, famous soccer players, and BBQ meat served on swords, the country is also known for heavy metal music, of all varieties and subgenres, from death/grind to power metal. But, culturally, and politically, at the time of this heavy metal eruption in the 1980s, Brazil was just coming out of so many decades of military dictatorships, political turmoil. The chaos, rampant poverty and strife in the streets was the perfect brewing ground for many of these extreme metal bands. The nation, and entire region now is full of thousands of heavy metal and punk groups, all sharing in the interest of the music. We now present our list of the 10 best Brazilian metal bands.

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This evil sounding, sadistic, sex and death obsessed extreme metal band hails from the sixth largest city in Brazil, Belo Horizonte and was spawned in 1987. With a crushing, fast-as-hell death metal approach, the band took the underground metal scene by storm and gained a rabid following. But the band called it quits after the tragic death of vocalist Oswald Scheld in a car crash a decade later, in 1997. Then, in 2003, the band was revived, with a new line up, and continues on to this day, unleashing its legacy of filth, sex, gore, perversion and lust all sonically revealed through the sounds of death metal. Be sure to check out the debut album,

Sexual Carnage


9.Torture Squad

Created in 1990, this group of thrashy death metal maniacs released their first album, Shivering in 1998, and as a powerful unit, has been crushing craniums and bursting eardrums for fans ever since. From the city streets of Sao Palo, this band came together to create a hyper aggressive, fast form of metal that was angry, sometimes political, violently savage in nature. Each song is piercing; and the sounds of thrash, and death metal all play an important role in the band's sound. Torture Squad has 10 full-length albums, including the most recent,

Esquadrao De Tortura

(2013), and has toured throughout Europe and South America. In Brazil, the band has shared the stage with everyone from Suicidal Tendencies and the Misfits to Overkill and Exodus.

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