The 10 Best Historical Metal Bands


By Alex DiStefano

Sure, heavy metal music has a history. But could heavy metal music be history? With inspirations ranging from Ancient Egypt and Rome to the American Revolution, and even the Second World War, many bands representing various genres of metal are composing music that pays homage to our collective past, in both modern times and antiquity. Who knew head banging and history lessons could go hand in hand? This is our list of the Top 10 Historic Metal Bands.

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10. Mictlantecuhtli

This LA-based underground extreme metal band brings forth a ravenous black metal assault, as part of a thrashy spiritual tribute to the Aztec people. The band's name refers to an Aztec God of the Dead, and the band do a good job conjuring up the old school morbid, evil, and raw sound, with all song lyrics in the native Nahuatl. With a tradition running a decade and a half, these Aztec death warriors prefer the darkness of the underground, LA metal scene and a still perform throughout gigs in LA and throughout Southern California and the region.

9. Sabaton

In 1999, this heavy metal band formed in Sweden and have since been cranking out albums full of tunes based on war battles, mostly from the First and Second World Wars. With an emphasis on battles, the songs tell the tales from leaders on both side

s of the wars. The band has played to tens of thousands across the world and is very popular throughout Scandinavia and the rest of Europe having played most of the huge outdoor festivals. With some line up changes in the past several years, the band has seven albums under its belt and has shared the stages with everyone from Dragonforce to Iced Earth.

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