The 10 Best Phoenix Bands Under 21

Crown Victoria Vandalism Committee
Crown Victoria Vandalism Committee

Whether they were adding a bit of flair to an old favorite, taking the scene by storm, or continuing their march to the top, 2013 was a big year for Valley musicians under 21.

Here's 10 of our favorites who spent most of 2013 in the all-ages sections of their own shows.

Sara Robinson:

You know that movie where the teenager wows all the veteran musicians at an open mic and they all decide to drop their current projects to work with her? That's Sara Robinson's real life. Robinson and the Midnight Special headlined Apache Lake Music Festival and opened for Phoenix royalty Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers; with a record on the way, this bluesy act should only get stronger next year.

Sister Lip:

Sure, they aren't all 21, but get over it: Our math has the high-schooler bassist and the 23-year-old pianist canceled out, leaving the whole band eligible. Whatever their average age, Sister Lip is racking up fans and would-be producers while doing their jazzy thing all over the Valley. While the ladies weigh their recording options, they maintain one of the most popular residencies in the Valley, Mondays at Long Wongs.

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