The 25 Best Costumes at BOO! Arizona

BOO! Arizona at Rawhide this past weekend had everything you could want in a Halloween-themed electronic dance music festival.

There were loads of eerie decorations, including a ginormous skull onstage that loomed behind DJs, a cannonade of lasers lighting things up, a spooky atmosphere augmented by the bass-heavy sounds blasted by headliners Knife Party and Excision, and even kandi, albeit of the raver variety.

Our favorite part of the event, however, had to be all the costumes being worn by a majority of the attendees. It goes without saying that any event during the Halloween season is going to be heavy on costumes, which was certainly the case at BOO! Arizona.  

Heck, it was practically a dress rehearsal of sorts for Halloween, allowing partiers to work out the kinks in their outfits for the holiday a couple of weeks from now, which happens to be one of the biggest party occasions of the year.

And while eye-catching outfits and brightly colored gear is sort of the norm at any EDM festival, more than half of the crowd at BOO! Arizona were dressed up or decked out for the occasion.

We witnessed several EDM-inspired getups, like Marshmello and Deadmau5 lookalikes, as well as more than a few devils, angels, and skeletons. And then there were the costumes that really caught our attention, including the following 25, which we consider to be the best at the event.

(For even more photos from BOO! Arizona, check out our slideshow of the event.)

A couple of grand old partiers.

Leela's partying like it's 2999.

Any tribute to David Bowie is aces in our book.

Who knew Deadpool was a raver at heart?

He's a devil on the dance floor.

Sorry, Rexy. Guess you can't fist-pump properly with those teeny-tiny arms. 

Enchantment under the sea.

Sith lord of the dance.

The secret that DC doesn't want you to know: Batman and the Joker are actually festie besties. #staywoke

Eat your heart out, Barney. 

Masks out for Harambe. 

They've actually got a cure for that now. 

Do they have an "EDM festival" arena in Mortal Kombat X? If not, they should.

Spooky and sexy at the same time. 

He's rabbiting. 

Surprisingly, there weren't all that many Harley Quinns at BOO! Arizona.

Sorry if we took out your mom with our car. Accidents happen.
When we said we wanted to see Marshmello at BOO! Arizona, that's not what we meant. 

That's more like it.

Oh, poo. You'll always be number two in our book.

Not gonna lie, bruh. You're sorta freaking us out.

Goku a go-go. 
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