The 50 Most Memorable EDM Fans at Phoenix Lights 2016

She must've had a few Red Bulls beforehand.EXPAND
She must've had a few Red Bulls beforehand.
Photos by Benjamin Leatherman

Phoenix Lights 2016 this past weekend was a colorful experience, to say the least.

The two-day electronic dance music festival, which invaded Margaret T. Hance Park in downtown Phoenix, was filled with vivid and vibrant hues from start to finish. There were all the colored lights and lasers emanating from both of its stages, of course, not to mention the alien-like illuminated creatures and objects perched around the park that glowed like rainbow-colored beacons after dark.

And then there were the thousands of wildly dressed EDM fans in attendance at Phoenix Lights 2016, each of which were colorful in their own right. Some came dressed in either full-on costumes or DayGlo everything, while others sported a vibrant variety of plastic kandi or other unique apparel.

We had close encounters with many of these Phoenix Lights attendees throughout the weekend and have assembled a photo-heavy list of the most memorable at the event.

Furry Fun
These dudes are in touch with their inner animals.

Monarch Theater
The king and queen of the EDM scene.

Colorful Crew
One of many groups of friends in attendance at Phoenix Lights 2016.

Alien Nation
Hanging with a friend from out of town.

The Eyes Have It
Colored contacts add a little something extra to any EDM fan.

Boys Club
A full-on brodeo at Phoenix Lights 2016.

Hoop Dreams
They spin you right round, baby, right round.

Unidentified Funky Object
Sporting a festival totem that's very much in the spirit of Phoenix Lights 2016.

Rally 'Round the Flags
Repping their respective homelands with pride.

Flying High
Getting in some great views atop one of the many glowing objects at Phoenix Lights 2016.

Butterfly Kisses
A public display of affection that's totes adorbs.

Dance Dance Revolution
Moving to the music at the Invasion Stage.

Bird is the Word
You can be my wingman anytime, Goose.

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