The 8 Most Awesome Music Stories of 2010

Despite what you may have concluded from yesterday's list of the stupidest music stories of 2010, this year in music wasn't all that bad.

In fact, a funny blog of Photoshopped album covers was created, a concert for dogs was proposed, and musicians exchanged some choice words.

As promised, here are the most awesome music stories of the year.

What Can Apple Do With $75 Million Instead of Running iTunes?
Apparently it costs Apple only $75 million per month to run iTunes. Prefix took the awesome liberty of proposing other ways to spend that much money. Among the creative options are for Apple to buy its own island and throw an epic party of massive proportions, buy a ton of those fugly Alexander McQueen lobster claw shoes, and buy mad songs on iTunes.

Read the full story here.

Album Tacos For Everyone
Album Tacos are part of a family of Photoshop blogs that include Selleck Waterfall Sandwich and Bea Arthur Mountains Pizza, in addition to more recent creations by the New Times' own Shawn Anderson. The idea behind Album Tacos was probably just to provide a handful of humorously modified bits of pop culture. Kudos, Album Tacos, for giving lots of people an extra chuckle this year.

Read the full story here.

Borat to Play Freddie Mercury in Queen Movie
If you've ever watched Da Ali G Show (the HBO television series from which the character Borat originated), then you know that Sacha Baron Cohen can play just about any role in the book. On top of that, Cohen will be playing the legendary Freddie Mercury of Queen. You just can't go wrong with a movie about Queen.

Read the full story here.

A Music Video That Takes Place Where You Grew Up
Dayum, this Arcade Fire music video is unbelievably awesome. Not only do you get to watch the video in multiple windows to get simultaneous multiple perspectives, but you also get to customize the video to show your town and even your own house. And it really works, too!

Read the full story here.

Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson Play Concert For Your Dog
Who knows if their high frequency concert for dogs ever took place at the Sydney Opera House. Regardless, it was an interesting idea. Plus, it was nice of an artist like Lou Reed and his wife to keep animals in mind once in a while.

Read the full story here.

Courtney Love Slammed on Twitter by Ex Billy Corgan
Other than her song "Celebrity Skin," which she sang with Hole back in '98, I like nothing about Courtney Love. So, naturally, Courtney Love being made fun of by her former music associate and possible past lover Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins was fun to read. Corgan bashed Love's songwriting abilities, suggested that she keep shamelessly spending money she inherited from Kurt Cobain, and heavily criticized her lack of responsibility as a parent. It's just so easy to crack on pun intended.

Read the full story here.

Pearl Jam Pay $210,000 to Offset Their Carbon Footprints
I applaud you, Pearl Jam. Not only do you guys represent the best of 90s alternative music, but now you're repping the do-gooders of the music industry by planting trees to make up for the damage they inflicted upon the environment on their 2009 U.S. tour. Not only are they accounting for their own carbon offset, but also that of their fans. Three cheers for bands that are feeling up to the challenge of preserving the environment.

Read the full story here.

Lady Gaga's Designer Condom Line
"Why did Lady Gaga feel it was necessary to make designer condoms," you ask? I believe the appropriate response would be, "Why not?" Her line of designer condoms is just another line on her long list of outlandish tasks to complete just because she can.

Read the full story here.

The Flaming Lips Take on Pink Floyd
The Flaming Lips and Star Death and White Dwarfs' full length cover album of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon turned out great. It's got that signature Flaming Lips sound (as well as that of Star Death and White Dwarfs, whose frontman is Wayne Coyne's nephew, Dennis Coyne) while maintaining the essence of Pink Floyd. Well done, men!

Read the full story here.

Usher Kicked in the Face by Fan During Lapdance
By no means do I think that Usher deserved a swift kick in the face, but come on, this never happens. When one lucky fan got to join Usher on stage during his fall tour, she totally blew her 15 minutes of fame. She simply intended to sex up the show by giving Usher a lapdance, but... oops!... accidentally kicked him in the face when she was trying to swing her leg around to straddle Usher. Kudos to Usher, who took the incident lightly and joked about it with the audience during the show. Hey girl, we can't all be winners.

Read the full story here .

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