The Acorn, & The Shaky Hands

Harmonious Ottawa indie rockers The Acorn bring their folk-minded sound to the Valley this Saturday. Along with them will be Portland hipsters The Shaky Hands, who have impressed critics and wooed fans with their eponymous 2007 debut and this year's brilliant follow-up, Lunglight. The Shaky Hands, with their irresistible rhythm and indie-rock guitars, will surely send even the hippest of the hip out on the dance floor. The Acorn will appease fans looking for more feeling and emotions in their music, with lead singer Rolf Klausener doing his best to distance himself from that whiny, angst-ridden singing style that plagues much of the indie-sphere. The rest of the band provides an eclectic mix of light, airy guitars and rhythmic snare drums that will form a cocoon of splendor to charm those in attendance. Both bands will bring with them to Phoenix a slight autumn chill, indicative of their style of music and the geography that birthed it.


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