The Ataris

Scoring one big hit is a Catch-22 for most bands, who often go down in history as a much-derided One Hit Wonder as their talent or record of innovation goes ignored by a fickle public. And when a band's lone hit is a cover . . . Well, such is the case of The Ataris. The four-piece pop-punk outfit from Indiana, best known for its cover of the 1984 Don Henley hit "The Boys of Summer," is out on the road as fans await the release of their sixth studio album, The Graveyard of the Atlantic. (The name refers to a dangerous section of the ocean near the coast of North Carolina, known for its large number of shipwrecks.) The band, which at one time featured local favorite Bob Hoag, may still be dealing with the fortune/misfortune associated with their one hit, but it still finds a way to keep a following.


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