The Black Angels @ The Rhythm Room

It's fitting that the first song on The Black Angels' recently released album, Phosphene Dreams, is titled "Bad Vibrations." The album is chock-full of them. That isn't to say that the latest record from the Austin psych-rock band is bad, just probably not the type of thing you want to listen to while on an acid trip — unless you want your trip bad. But if you're the type who is simply interested in listening to The Black Angels for the music, then you'll find plenty of dark, psychedelic vibes. Though the band takes its name from a Velvet Underground song, the sounds found on Phosphene Dreams show that the group's influences extend far beyond that of just Lou Reed and company. The band often draws comparisons to The 13th Floor Elevators, but it's not difficult to hear similarities to other groups of the genre, like The Doors and Jefferson Airplane.


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