The Black Moods @ Last Exit Live

For two months, Tempe-based rockers The Black Moods have been crossing the Midwest and the West Coast on their first extensive tour, promoting their self-titled debut. All the work has paid off — each show bringing a more receptive audience — and by the end of the tour, they'd been named Indie Band of the Week by RockRevolt Magazine. Back home, the trio — guitarist and vocalist Joshua Kennedy, bassist Ryan Prier, and drummer Danny "Chico" Diaz — has been a welcome addition to the Phoenix music scene. The Black Moods encompass rock 'n' roll as it once was — with influences ranging from Led Zeppelin to the Valley's own Gin Blossoms — on tracks like "Give It to Me" and "Like a Wave," while simultaneously reaching for the future of rock music on the songs "Don't Let Them Get You Down" and "Torn Up Dress." The Black Moods already have begun work on their follow-up album, with four new songs written for the record. But with a stage show that successfully and powerfully translates their album into a visual performance, The Black Moods have adopted carrying a creed that every great Arizona band has embraced, translating the smoldering desert heat into an even hotter musical vista for the world to experience.


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