The Blare Bitch Project

"We're the Blare Bitch Project and we don't give a fuck!" proclaims this band of pissed-off women, fronted by Blare N. Bitch of the beautifully obnoxious female metal band Betty Blowtorch, as it roars through the songs on its self-titled EP with the restraint of a dragon. The songs are loud, messy and blunt: "You're not very nice people/You're not very nice at all," the ladies scream on "I Hate You." The EP spends 12 minutes crushing ex-lovers and former friends into a fine powder, all over punk-rock stomp. Then, the unexpected happens -- the group dedicates an equally lo-fi bashout, "Rock in Heaven," to a late, missed comrade, featuring the lyric "We were born to rock hard-core/I wish we could rock once more." It may not be Longfellow, but at least it shows that a heart may beat under the reform-school façade after all.


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