The Blood Brothers

The Blood Brothers make "come down" music for people who never want to come down. Testing the edges of various sonic turf with their toes, this is an unconventional band that tears through a multitude of genres, including hardcore, punk rock, screamo, No Wave and disco, in their teeth-gnashing, fist-forming artcore. The Seattle band also handily straddles a few distinct genres of fans, selling records to more traditional rock and pop kids who appreciate the limited, obsessive craziness, while still inspiring rabid fanboy devotion in purists. Granted, the latter-day version of the band does sometimes sound like the current (and, dare we say, totally good) Fall Out Boy record, but it's timely that such a pet band of aggressive music fans has crossed over into the pop waters. We're just at that point in the cycle. They still scream and wail and kick out the jams like they fucking mean it, and their live show is still something of an assault. We're just more used to it now.


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