The Clumsy Lovers

The Clumsy Lovers began falteringly at first, befitting their name, but developed a grassroots following for their fluttering Americana blend while performing around their native Vancouver, British Columbia, and later the American Northwest. Like a sports team that jells in the playoffs, the Clumsy Lovers hit their stride in 2001, when they added Jason Homey, a championship banjo player (literally) who doubles on mandolin and guitar. With fiddle player Andrea Lewis, Homey keys the quintet's furious bluegrass-Celtic rock, making them sound like the Pogues if they'd grown up in thrall of Johnny Cash and Ricky Skaggs. Homey's role as Batman to Lewis' Robin highlights the Lovers' new album, After the Flood. After self-releasing CDs for years while on tour, their official debut is a hot-blooded hootenanny synthesizing a number of roots styles with a loose, friendly pop bent somewhere between Crash Test Dummies and Barenaked Ladies, but with a more pronounced backwoods accent.


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