The Coitus

What's that noise? If it sounds like anarchy in the PC, it's probably the wondrous effectual whirlpool of Valley circuit bender The Coitus. Using "instruments" such as old Atari gaming systems, Casio keyboards, and Commodore computers in combination with modified kids' toys, synthcarts, and homemade sound contraptions, The Coitus calls its music "experimental/electronica/New Wave," and also fits comfortably into categories like EBM and noise. There's little that's linear about The Coitus' concoctions — a host of bleeps and dings collide with robotic vocal samples and midi rhythms to create a patchwork atmosphere that is, at once, retro and futuristic. If that sounds too abstract to you, check out The Coitus' beeping brew in a live setting, where it's sure to cause hearing loss, or at least auditory confusion.


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