The Dirtbombs

Mick Collins hails from Detroit, but lives in a parallel universe -- one in which a vinyl-collecting goofball can actually make records that are as fun, ripping and powerful as those of his jukebox heroes. This stuffed collection of singles is the document that proves it. Disc one is all originals, spanning power-pop, Euro-punk and ripping "garage rock" (a term which Collins scorns in his liner notes), all graced by Collins' Hendrix-like vocals, his troglodyte guitar work, and the two-drummer, two-bassist steamroller that's his idea of a rhythm section. Disc two is Collins' tribute to his own record collection: fuzzy, rocked-out covers of Yoko Ono, Stevie Wonder, Elliott Smith and everything else in his laser-trapped, temperature-controlled library. Altogether, If You Don't Already Have a Look is a raffle-box of juvenile treasures, 52 tracks of history-worshiping mayhem from one of the most distinctive acts to both span and survive the '90s.


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