The Dorsets

The Dorsets

Put them in suits and give them bowl haircuts, because from the sweet harmonies to the charismatic melodies, this Phoenix quartet channels the British Invasion circa 1965. In April, they released their 11-track debut, We Can Do No Wrong, which recalls the retro vibe of the Rosebuds' debut several years ago, and will be a treat to fans of the Beatles, Kinks, and Zombies. There's an unabashed old-fashioned sensibility evident from the infectious, creeping, "Tell Me Who You Are," which hints of the Animals until its exultant Byrds-ish chorus, to the lilting R&B-tinged Mersey beat of "Feelin' Kinda Good." There are hints of funk around the fringes ("Not Satisfied," "Into Tomorrow") and the Phish-worthy "With Reason" seems like it Quantum Leaped onto the album, but overall, it's a refreshing trip back to the no-nonsense, straight-ahead pop-rock style of the mid-'60s. Rather than just ape the sound (we're looking at you, Oasis), The Dorsets seem to embody the wide-eyed, optimistic spirit of the times, as expressed in the album title.

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