The Elected

Who cries for Graham Coxon or Scott Kannberg? A better question: How many people even know their names? They are The Other Songwriters, talented individuals who will go down in musical history as merely the sidemen for more distinctive songwriters, respectively Blur's Damon Albarn and Pavement's Stephen Malkmus. Once they left their famous bands, they were destined for scant audience recognition and a lingering critical stigma that their own records were pale imitations of their old group's efforts. Blake Sennett shares the same problem, although he remains with his real meal ticket, Rilo Kiley, the group fronted by vocalist (and ex-girlfriend) Jenny Lewis. Sennett's work with The Elected continues Kiley's pop-heavy emphasis, but as the title of their new album, Sun, Sun, Sun, suggests, the results are undoubtedly buoyant, if slightly redundant. Hopefully, Sennett will give his busman's holiday of charming, inconsequential songs more urgency while calling the shots onstage.


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