The Elected

Based on polls conducted last week, here are some of the reasons Americans chose The Elected this year: 1) They ran a positive, intelligent, feel-good, idea-filled campaign with their second album, Sun, Sun, Sun; 2) They're uniters, not dividers — the quartet's message of country-tinged indie- and chamber-rock appealed to traditional and progressive constituents alike; 3) The public craved change from "stay the course" emo, pop, and rock, and The Elected's arrangements, sonics and lyrics provided a fresh alternative; 4) Americans recognized that front man Blake Sennett is good for the economy. Listening to his music is not at all taxing. And by fronting or co-fronting two heavily touring bands — The Elected and Rilo Kiley — the hardworking singer-guitarist continues to create jobs for musicians, roadies, and promoters; and 5) With all of this year's scandals (Bob Dylan stealing lyrics from 19th-century poets; Paris Hilton scuffling with Shanna Moakler), people simply felt they could trust The Elected to make great music and put on a terrific live show.


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