The Father Figures @ Ice House Tavern

Anyone who was a fan of Phoenix hardcore skate punk legends JFA (Jodie Foster's Army) — or first wave Phoenix punk, in general — should be excited to see Father Figures play with Asses of Evil this week. It's not exactly a JFA reunion, but close enough, with half of the original lineup on bill: Former JFA bassist Michael Cornelius plays guitar for The Father Figures, and drummer Mike "Bam Bam" Sversvold pounds the skins for Asses of Evil. There's more punk pedigree on display, too. Father Figures drummer Bobby Lerma played with Jeff Dahl and The Voice, and bassist Tom Reardon is known for his time in Hillbilly Devilspeak, Pinky Tuscadero's WKAF, and North Side Kings. But the show is more than just a nod to the loud, fast punk of Phoenix's early-'80s scene — the show is a platform for the veterans' newest projects. Father Figures, in particular, have garnered praise for their debut album, Lesson Number One, which takes a less-blistering approach to the music in favor of a more polished, second-wave punk sound akin to bands like The Wipers, Pegboy, and Fugazi. Asses of Evil bolsters the bill with their brand of raucous, fuck-you-in-your-face punk rock, and Robot Tank (featuring bassist/vocalist Chela, also of The Cosmeticators) rounds out this night of Phoenix's finest punk.


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