The Five Most Disgusting Onstage Moments

Justin Bieber, puking in front of thousands of people.
Justin Bieber, puking in front of thousands of people.

It's been a strange week for "gross" pop star news.

Let's start with the good one: Phoenix made it into the national spotlight when Justin Bieber vomited on stage and laughed it off with an Anchorman quote.

And while the Biebs may have partied a little too hard with milk, people are still freaking out about Lady Gaga's weight gain. OMG you guys, she looks like a normal human being. GROSS.

Thing is, neither of these events is super shocking compared to the storied history of nasty shit in rock 'n' pop music. So read on for five truly sick things that happened on stage.

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Just about everything GG Allin ever did.

The shock rocker usually got bloodied up during his live performances, during which he attacked audience members, drank urine, and ate excrement. He got arrested for cutting a girl, drinking her blood, and burning her during sex, though Allin claims she did the same to him. He promised audiences that he would someday commit suicide on stage, but died from an accidental heroin overdose in 1993.

But don't take it from me, the 1992 documentary Hated is miraculously still available on YouTube:

Jimmy Urine sets his pubic hair on fire.

Jimmy Urine
Jimmy Urine

I have a hard time taking anyone with a Jessie Camp hairdo seriously, and Mindless Self Indulgence's frontman Jimmy Urine further proves my point.

Urine allegedly got arrested for setting his pubic hair on fire during a show. I know shaving and waxing can be a pain in the ass and flames seem like a quick fix, but really? For one, the smell of burnt hair is disgusting, and two, do you really want to torch your nether regions?

Urine clears things up in an interview by stating that he was actually arrested for having his penis out and that he tried to light his junk on fire at a different show.

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