The Freak Show Costume Ball @ The Monarch Theatre

The sinister sound-slinger known as DJ Bl3nd is a major freak. And that's not a slight by any means. Catch one of his high-energy sets on YouTube or at various EDM events and you're likely to witness the spazzy selector, who sports a Mohawked mask inspired by Chucky from Child's Play, hopping behind the mixers or turning the stage into his personal playground. At last year's La La Land Music Festival in downtown Phoenix, for example, the dude leapt up on a ginormous speakers and sprayed down the crowd with a Super Soaker. Here's hoping Bl3nd's antics are just as entertaining when he returns to the Valley on Saturday, October 19, to headline The Freak Show Costume Ball at The Monarch Theatre, 122 East Washington Street. He won't be the only one inside the Monarch dressed in bizarre getups, however, as attendees are encouraged to bust out with their freakiest ensembles and costumes for the party, which starts at 9 p.m. Openers include Kuntrol, Mando Rockz, Zolnger, and Fawk Unek. Admission is $20. See


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