The Gaslight Anthem

It is often commonplace for a band to land a big festival gig that brings it to regions previously unknown and gives those fans in such uncharted territories a chance to see the band perform live. Spring is rife with festivals, and New Jersey's The Gaslight Anthem have booked themselves an impressive spot at this year's Coachella Valley Arts & Music Festival. Seizing the opportunity, the band has slapped together a tour that winds its way through Tempe. Riding high on the massive, often bewildering praise for their second album, 2008's The '59 Sound, The Gaslight Anthem have accrued many a new fan eager to see the rockers perform live. The momentum garnered by constant praise from the media and by being a buzz band can take a group only so far. There is nothing wrong, however, with riding the cushy wave of popularity and playing to packed houses along the way. The album has earned the band its reputation. Now it's time for The Gaslight Anthem to nut up and produce a live show that will cement their status as alternative rock's new torchbearers.


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