The Get Up Kids @ The Clubhouse

If you have been waiting years to finally see the band that inspired Blink-182 and Fall Out Boy and a host of other emo/pop punk bands, your dreams are well within your grasp. Kansas City's The Get Up Kids, forefathers of emo, that wonderful genre known and loved by millions, are coming to the Valley. Why you would want to do that is a mystery to me, though. I am not really sure why I keep getting asked to write about punk bands when I clearly "am not a big fan." I assume it has something to do with "pissing people off." But as I have always said, or at least tried to say: If something or someone still has fans after so many years, then who am I to judge? It's just my stupid opinion, but fortunately for me, I get to type it and have it published. I will admit that there was a brief moment in time where I was a fan of Blink-182 — who can honestly claim otherwise? — but it was mostly because of peer pressure and not because I actually enjoyed that watered-down version of so-called angst. The Get Up Kids have passionate defenders — many of them hipsters — who take their overwrought lyrics a lot more seriously, but I don't hear it. They sound like Sum Fall 52 to me. But if you just absolutely love the stuff, and have for years, then I hope we can at least be friends.


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