The Glimmers

If you like The Glimmers' penchant for spinning the best in disco punk, but just haven't warmed to the Belgian DJ duo's sense of rhythm, check out this album. The Glimmers' new contribution to the indomitable Fabric series is an improvement over their 2005 DJ-Kicks mix CD. It starts out, predictably, with a "classic" from Roxy Music (a Glimmers remix of "Same Old Scene"), then weaves through customary high-energy rave-ups by Prins Thomas ("En Real TJukkas") and JD Twitch (a remix of Sons and Daughters' "Dance Me In"). Unexpectedly, The Glimmers slow down the pace, and drop George Kranz's "Din Daa Daa Daa" as their mix becomes sleek and minimal, then halts completely with some slow and dubby cuts by Black Slate ("Sticks Man") and Howie B ("My Speedboat Is Faster Than Yours"). Fabriclive31 probably wouldn't work in a nightclub, but it's much more interesting to listen to than the typical DJ mix.


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