The Hot Plate @ The Lost Leaf

Sir Smeezy (a.k.a. DJ Smite) estimates that his ginormous music collection includes more than 8,000 different 45s. And if he has his way, the 32-year-old will spin each and every one of 'em during his new biweekly event The Hot Plate. On first and third Tuesday of every month, Smeezy will be spinning nothing but 45s inside The Lost Leaf, 914 North Fifth Street, mixing and matching music from multiple genres into an eclectic sonic concoction. "I'm going to be playing gospel, jazz, blues, R&B, rockabilly, funk, New Wave, punk, salsa — you name it," he says. "I'll be looping and chopping breaks into the mix so it all sounds experimental and creates a new kind of sound. It might be a combination of dub and dance with hip-hop, jazz, and who knows what else." Smeezy admits he won't have much time between records for bathroom breaks or socializing, owing to the fact that each record lasts around three minutes each. Good thing he'll be have special guests around each week (such as DJ Melo, who visits on Tuesday, February 1) to help share spinning duties and allow him time to pee. The music starts at 9 p.m. Call 602-258-0014.


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