The Juan MacLean @ Bar Smith

There's a rumor that East Coast electronica artist The Juan MacLean is reportedly more machine than man. Though it might just be shtick (or one of those kooky musician affectations), there is ample proof to support the idea that the 40-something is an automaton: album titles like Der Half-Machine and Less Than Human, the ease with which he interacts with sound-generating devices to create his robotic-like electro-house and dance-punk tracks, and the fact that his lengthy career has lasted longer than many other music-making mortals. MacLean's been online since the late '80s, when he created punishingly relentless guitar work for synth-punk act Six Finger Satellite. He eventually upgraded his programming and became an electronica artist in 2006, signing with influential label DFA Records. MacLean's also got serious skills as a house selecta hardwired into his hard drive (as evidenced by his DJ-Kicks compilation last year) which he'll demonstrate during his appearance at Bar Smith, 130 East Washington Street, on Friday, December 2, during the weekly edition of Sticky Fingers. Doors open at 9 p.m. and admission is $10. Visit


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