The Knux Back In Town on Dec. 8

The Knux Back In Town on Dec. 8

We know we're pimping The Knux a lot lately, but it's hard to resist. The LA-based hip-hop duo (who recorded the rap album of the year, Remind Me In 3 days...) is coming back town town next week

Yes, that's right next week, a mere three weeks after they were here supporting Q-Tip on the 2K Sports Bounce Tour.

They impressed us then, even though the night as a whole was a drag, and we expect a repeat on December 8, when they open for Shwayze at the Venue of Scottsdale. Shwayze, who we featured back in September, is a little douchey, but don't let that distract you from the greatness of these two throw-back hip-hop heads.
--Martin Cizmar

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