The Loveblisters Breaking Up?

The Loveblisters: Turning their backs on us forever.
The Loveblisters: Turning their backs on us forever.

We've got some very sad news for you this Monday: The Loveblisters are very likely breaking up. No announcement on their MySpace, but we got an e-mail from their former manager, Jack Maverik, saying their upcoming show at Last Exit will be their, umm, last exit, and confirmed the news with an independent source.

It seems like just yesterday we ran a feature about the band getting their buzz back, but we're guessing the pressures of the band members' many (sadly, more) successful side projects have driven them asunder. We are, of course, very sad to see the band that made the third best local record of last year, and had the tenth best show of last year, split. We'll continue to try to get confirmation from the band.

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