Everybody Rise!

The Makers

Everybody Rise! demonstrates that as surely as a band can lose its mojo -- usually when the recording budget is high, along with the burden of expectation -- it can find it again. Free from the snooty art class that Sub Pop has become, the Makers return to the winking mix of garage, glam and pop that made them almost-famous, skipping circles around 2002's overreaching Strangest Parade. "Matter of Degrees" and "Tiger of the Night" are as sly and sleazy as anything in a catalogue hardly lacking either quality; "Ordinary Human Love" is a gorgeous, honest-to-God soul song; and "Good As Gold" is the kind of brassy raver that could inspire Redd Kross to get off their asses and return from their endless summer break. If there's a quibble, "Sex Is Evil (When Love Is Dead)" doesn't live up to its title -- and then again, what could? The Makers, as we knew them, are back.


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