Mary Timony gets pop political.

The Mary Timony Band

Two songs on The Shapes We Make show the influence moving back to Washington, D.C., has had on Mary Timony's writing. The spritely "Sharpshooter" — as close as the ex-Helium frontwoman gets to out-and-out indie-pop these days — sees wildlife turning the tables on trigger-happy hunters ("Ted Nugent, hey whatcha gonna do?/Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?"); the less linear "Pause/Off" warns the sitting Supreme Court to keep its grubby paws off Roe vs. Wade. Sonically, Shapes is a sequel to 2005's Ex Hex, a lively tug-o-war between Timony's long-running default modes: sweet modal Ren Faire rock and synthed-up prog. Molded with collaborators bassist Chad Molter and drummer/producer Devin Ocampo — who now belong to a band proper as opposed to assisting in the realizing of a solo vision — Timony's latest batch of tunes wax and wane between intimately serious and sassily anthemic. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference.


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