The Most Serene Republic

Indie darlings The Most Serene Republic are touring in support of their latest full-length, . . . And the Ever Expanding Universe, which dropped in July. Like most bands, TMSR found themselves struggling with a release date while working on the disc. Pianist Ryan Lenssen recently told that the album was in the works for a while before the group released it. "We probably spent over a year in the studio, but we generally have long turnaround times when we put out a full-length," he said of the album, which features several hook-laden tracks and mixes straight-ahead pop songs with a dash of spacey prog rock. "It could be us . . . Maybe there's a new problem we have. Every record is a very naked telling of who we were at that time. Often it's not pretty." But what is pretty is the group's album. One song especially stands out: the seven-minute "Patternicity," which boasts a symphonic sound.


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