The New Amsterdams, The Lashes

Although brokenhearted fans may still be mourning the breakup of beloved emo band The Get-Up Kids, some solace can be found in singer Matt Pryor's former side project and now full-time band, The New Amsterdams, which recently released a new, acoustic-driven album. Far more mellow and lacking in pop hooks, The New Amsterdams are to The Get-Up Kids what Paul Westerberg's solo material is to The Replacements: not quite the same, but certainly the result of a more practiced and mature songwriter. Opening band The Lashes has enough hooks for the both of them, however, with their Cars-influenced pop rock songs that have garnered them labels like "The Strokes of Seattle." Once you see singer Ben Clark step up to the microphone, you'll wonder why this sixsome isn't already more popular -- particularly with the ladies.


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