The Palace @ FilmBar

Djentrification has always been known for his eclectic taste, as evidenced by his genre-bending sets at 602Tuesdays at the Bikini Lounge, but with his new night, The Palace, at FilmBar, 815 North Second Street, he's taking things to a whole new level, spinning solely world music. "Man, there's a lot of different sorts of music [being played]," he says. "Stuff from Thailand, Turkish stuff, Ethiopian stuff, Bollywood/Indian — even South American, like Peruvian." Djentrification hasn't decided whether the night will continue beyond the month he's planned (Saturday night's set will be the third of four scheduled events), but he says that the Middle Eastern-inspired décor of FilmBar makes it "hard to resist the offer" of turning the night into weekly event. "I play a lot of world music when I DJ regularly," he says. "[But] I feel Phoenix is ready for a night like this." Djentrification plays music that not only spans the globe, but also eras. "Some of it is brand new, some of it is older. It's a mix, you know?" The records start spinning at 9:30 p.m., and admission is free.


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