The Pübes

After hearing the debut disc by local lesbian punk/dance trio The Pübes, the only thing left to say is "Oh, hell, fuck yeah!" Led by local folkstress Cameo Hill (who becomes Ivana Pluchya in this band), The Pübes combine the bouncy bad-girl vibe of artists like Suzi Quatro and Bikini Kill with a sense of comical grandeur that makes it impossible for anyone to make fun of them more than they already have themselves. Witness the song "Cameltoe," on which Pluchya sings, "She sang Juice Newton on the singing machine and 1982 was her theme/She was an acid-washed queen of the night pushing her labia into the light," over chugging pop guitars. Or "Rufus," a sluggish ballad dedicated to gay music icon Rufus Wainwright, where Pluchya proclaims, "I saw your ass crack when you were signing autographs . . . I'll wait for you behind the beef buffet." Musically, Pluchya and bandmates Baretta Lynn and Lücy Wünderlich maintain a total rawk sound, with screaming six-strings, big beats and thumping bass lines, but they just as easily wander into disco territory ("8000 Miles for Booty"), old-school garage punk ("Eat My Chicken"), and '70s butt-rock ("Razor Burn"). This CD is but a peek into the band's cheeky chasm; it'll be interesting to see what shape The Pübes take next.


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