The Phantom Surfers, and Neil Hamburger

Leaving behind much of the gimmickry of their contemporaries, the Phantom Surfers rose to the crest of the surf instrumental revival of the early 1990s, playing solid vibrato-drenched tunes with a wry sense of humor (their stage banter is hilarious). They haven't put out a record since 2000's XXX Party, a send-up of "adult" comedy records, and they don't play very often, so this is a rare occasion to see one of the best surf bands in the business.

Also performing is comedian Neil Hamburger, a young, funny guy playing an old, unfunny wash-up. He fires off deadpan one-liners while cradling drinks under one arm, with jokes so stupid you either find them hilarious in their mediocrity or just plain stupid. Expect heckling, but sharp retorts as well. The show's a benefit for the Renegade Roller Girls, a new Phoenix roller derby league, in preparation of their first bout this fall. They'll have a kissing booth and other distractions between bands.


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