The Pharcyde

Today's rap game is suffocating in the stale humidity produced by a slew of blowhard MCs. As sweat seeps through its pores like slow lava, out of nowhere appears the Pharcyde with an ice-cold pitcher of Arnold Palmers and a platter of fresh fruit in the form of Humboldt Beginnings. Tight, innovative production and clean, crisp flows contribute to a distinctly original nuance that helps separate the disc further from the group's previous efforts. With elements of '80s-inspired electro and '70s space funk concocted by producer SpaceboyboogieX, stellar tracks like "Knew U," "Rules & Regulations" and "Choices" show an increased level of maturity while maintaining classic Pharcyde flippancy. This long-awaited return makes it clear: The Pharcyde is back in full effect. Take a long, cool sip.


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