The Pods @ The Trunk Space

The Pods make dirty, sexy music. The group incorporates a lot of styles on their new self-titled album, ranging from metal and grunge to pop. Guitarist/vocalist Dusty Rose describes the album as "spats of glitter and spats of grime," while drummer Collin Burdette goes even further, claiming the album "cures anal warts." It doesn't get much more punk rock than that. The band, comprising Rose, Burdette, and guitarist/vocalist Jackie Cruz, isn't afraid to lash out during their sets. Don't be surprised to see smashed guitars or bleeding fingers on stage, and the ladies have no qualms about "dive-bombing" their male drummer. "We aren't afraid to beat on our instruments until they are black and blue," Rose says. The way the band sees it, they have all the necessary bases covered. "There's a blonde, a brunette, and a dude, each with a different character and charm, on stage and off."


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