The Pretty Reckless Show Lovers a Good Time at Valentine's Day Show

Fans of the Taylor Momsen's band the Pretty Reckless seemed to really enjoy last night's show at Martini Ranch.

Apparently Momsen is a lot more awesome when she's in a band than when she's on Gossip Girl. Here's what the audience had to say about the show, and read our review here:

@bostonblonde3: Tired but happy. @taylormomsen and The Pretty Reckless made my Valentine's Day.

@aye_carly: The Pretty Reckless was fantastic live. Taylor was losing her voice but she still sounded great.

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@philiparmour: just high fived Taylor Momsen before the Pretty Reckless show. Pretty badass.

@Jfox1837: I met Taylor Momsen! Got to see the Pretty Reckless tonight-they were AMAZING!!!

@braelynjane: Today my mom asked me if I wanted to see Taylor Momsen's band play @ Martini Ranch. I said no, because she is a brat, and got kicked off #GG

@kylechilow: @taylormomsen you rocked martini ranch tonight!!! BEST show ever!! You and your band rocked!

@saragaddy: @taylormomsen little j you are my valentine! Yay for Martini Ranch tonight!

@RockCr8: @taylormomsen my medicine, playing guitar hotness, Scottsdale.

@RebeccaLaura: Finally uploaded pictures from the pretty reckless concert was soo good we were 2nd row from the front (Y) @taylormomsen

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