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The Record Room To Move From Old Town Scottsdale to North Phoenix

Hopefully, we are long past all of the silly chatter about vinyl being dead and no one caring about buying records anymore. At least around these parts, people can’t seem to get enough of the spinning platters. The massive crowds that flood local music stores on Record Store Day alone should be enough to shut some mouths and lay those thoughts to rest.

Take The Record Room. The store has outgrown its former location in Old Town Scottsdale and is in the process of taking over a much bigger space in northwest Phoenix at 2601 West Dunlap Avenue. Owner John Rose opened his store in 2012, and the place has continued to draw in new and repeat customers with its dense selection of new and used vinyl that spans a lot of genres, including punk, surf, and jazz.

The move was a no-brainer for Rose.

“The rent was getting high in the old location. We found a much bigger space for half the price,” he says. “We’ve found that most of our customers live in Phoenix, so that was also another reason to relocate.”

The Record Room often features live performances, and that tradition will definitely continue. Ample roominess inside, as well as tons of parking, has Rose excited about bigger in-store events.

Not strictly limited to vinyl, the store also carries CDs, cassettes, T-shirts, books, posters, turntables, memorabilia, and other music-oriented merchandise; now, there’s room for those areas to expand. Rose says the plan is to have a soft opening on June 1, but plan to see a work in progress.

“We’ll be open, but not everything will be done,” he says. “We want to get the doors open, and then we’ll continue to finish everything as we go.”

He added, “We’re really excited about all of the possibilities. We want to improve on everything that was good at the other spot, now on a bigger scale. It’s gonna be killer."

Find more details at www.facebook.com/therecordroom.
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