The Summer Set @ Nile Theater

Call them "hyper," "sugary," "bouncy," or just "too stoked to function," and The Summer Set will totally thank you for the compliments. The young Scottsdale five-piece pop band knows its fan base is full of teenage girls and knows how to cater to them. Yes, these guys wear bright colors and ride cruisers in their press photos. Dreamy, right? Lead singer Brian Dales is cute and flirty and eager to give fans on-stage shout-outs. The band's songs are hook-laden sing-alongs, perfect for fist-pumping and jumping up and down. And the band even has some estrogen-fueled power in drummer Jess Bowen. Yes, this group is primed to adorn the wall of your niece's bedroom — right next to that poster of Justin Bieber. The pubescent-looking quintet is even taking on one of the biggest teen idols out there now: Taylor Swift. The band released a five-song bonus album of Swiftie covers (Love Like Swift) with the re-release of its album, Love Like This, and chances are great you'll hear the band bust out one of those chart-toppers when it performs live — which is bound to cause lots of squeals and "OMG!"s from the crowd. Let the swooning begin.


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