The Toasters

Finally, a reason to break out those checkerboard creepers that have been gathering dust in the back of your closet since the mid-'90s third-wave ska revival! New York City's Toasters are honest-to-goodness American ska pioneers, and they've stayed true to the genre's Jamaican R&B roots while many of their peers cross-pollinated it with punk rock. And while many of their peers also gave up when the going got tough, the Toasters have stuck it out for 22 years, through all the peaks and valleys of ska popularity. That's because of the unwavering passion of leader Robert "Bucket" Hingley, the British expat and sole remaining original member of a lineup that's seen more than 40 people come and go over the years. With his current eight-piece, horn-heavy Toasters in tow, Bucket'll have you two-tone skankin' in no time flat.


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