The Used

It's been nearly eight years since The Used released their self-titled debut, which put them on the rock music map and helped create the screamo genre. The disc spawned four catchy singles: "The Taste of Ink," "A Box Full of Sharp Objects," "Buried Myself Alive," and "Blue and Yellow." And screamo spawned several bands. But that's not all The Used is known for. The band's singer, Bert McCracken, once notably dated Kelly Osbourne, much to daddy Ozzy's chagrin. And then there was the famous cover. The group teamed up with My Chemical Romance for a sexy rendition of Queen and David Bowie's "Under Pressure." The group released its latest effort, Artwork, in late August and is currently touring behind it. "The general vibe of the band is a very good one," The Used state on their Web site. "We're all happy and we haven't had this much fun on a tour in a long time . . . If you're thinking about coming to a show but you're not sure, just do it because we're adding a few more songs to our set that no one has heard live in a long time and just the atmosphere of all these shows has been unreal."


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