The Verdicks

Phoenix isn't anywhere near topping the list of the punkest cities in the U.S. Not even close. Burgs like New York City, Frisco, and Detroit have always, and will always, be far more famous for their contributions to the world of Mohawks and three-chord thunder than our fair city ever will. But even in the face of said facts (or maybe because we're naturally a bit biased) we remain proud fans of our hometown punk scene and its history. The PHX has birthed some pretty wicked bands over the years, ranging from such legends as Jodie Foster's Army and The Feederz to present-day punk standouts like Glass Heroes and North Side Kings. And the breeding never seems to stop, as every time we turn around another cool new punk band takes to the stage at Hollywood Alley or J-Heads. The latest group on our radar is The Verdicks. The relatively new Tempe band has a take-no-shit sound that's a bit of early-'80s Dead Kennedys rowdiness mixed with vocal hooks of Bad Religion's Greg Graffin. Driving things forward are pounding bass lines that keep slamming at your eardrums like a fist. Let's hope they do our scene proud.


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