The Wailers Band @ The Compound Grill

After our burnt and decimated post-apocalyptic planet is discovered by alien robots thousands of years in the future, they will sift through the rubble of Tempe and likely find, among the ash of unopened textbooks and maroon and gold bongs, hundreds of copies of a round shiny disc with the words Bob, Marley, and Legend emblazoned across the front. And while almost every college kid gets handed a copy of that iconic comp upon matriculation, few delve into the deeper history of Marley's pals The Wailers. The group started as the trio of Marley, Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh, offering up Christian tunes, ska numbers, and proto-reggae songs before expanding the lineup and becoming the hugely successful international sensations every hostel worldwide knows and loves. Aston "Family Man" Barrett is the only original member of that backing band currently touring as part of The Wailers Band. Don't be confused, but in 2008, former Wailers Al Anderson and Junior Marvin started touring as The Original Wailers. Maybe it's just legal wrangling, maybe it's just trying to cash in on Bob's band name and songs; either way, the tunes are good. If you find your way to the Compound Grill this weekend, spend some time digging up original Wailers tunes online. The source material remains inspiringly fresh.


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