The White Stripes

With most new bands trying to hit platinum their first time out, you rarely see acts develop over the course of several albums anymore -- either you're huge or you're gone. This sad fact is yet another reason to enjoy the twists and turns of the White Stripes, who have gradually remodeled themselves, trimming back some of the slavish blues obsession and adding on mood and introspection. Jack White used to be so boyish when mouthing off about his women problems, but with Get Behind Me Satan, he sounds impressively weathered and haunted as he mumbles to the little ghosts in his head. Likewise, in the past, the White Stripes' concerts would be simple, pummeling guitar workouts, White proving he was a demon soloist though occasionally shortchanging his songs' emotional resonance. Now, though, he'll hopefully take a cue from Satan's wide sonic palette, diversifying his approach onstage as exquisitely as he's done on record.


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