The White Tie Affair

As if making an appearance on MTV's The Hills and taking the female stars on a date wasn't impressive enough, The White Tie Affair vocalist Chris Wallace floored us with his acoustic rendition of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" on the band's Web site. Okay, so the whole Hills thing was a bit of skeezy publicity, but don't think the boys are all sugar and no substance. The young foursome from Chicago has a polished, catchy sound in the dance-pop vein of peers Quietdrive and The Maine, but with some electronic styling. And though the band members' good looks make the girls go wild, the band's live performances are sweaty affairs that get the whole crowd dancing. The band's not just pretty boys with a pretty sound, though — they paid their dues this summer on the grueling Vans Warped Tour and toured with former Valley favorite The Medic Droid. Now they're headlining in support of their Epic Records debut, Walk This Way. Yes, there will definitely be plenty of high-schoolers hyperventilating at the show (the band's been played on Radio Disney), but The White Tie Affair doles out plenty of hooks for adult music lovers to get down to.


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